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American Legend

American Legend to become favorite ones

American Legend cigarettes were launched in the early 1990s, by the Greek tobacco factory Karelia Tobacco to become favorite UK cigs. The history of Karelia Tobacco Company began in 1888, with a small tobacco shop of the Karelia brothers. For a long time, family business had a weak, regional significance. It was only in the 1950s that the business went uphill, from the beginning in Greece, and then on the world market.

In the early 1970s, Karelia (at that time Karelia Brothers) entered into a “licensing agreement” with RJ Reynolds, and in the late 1990s with Japan Tobacco International to produce licensed cigarettes. However, already in 2000, cooperation with Japan Tobacco International was discontinued and the company began to actively promote its own brands. In 2003, a subsidiary of Karelia Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd. was opened in UK.

Now Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. is a major global manufacturer and exporter of tobacco products. The brands of Karelia are supplied to the markets of 65 countries of the world, the company produces 15 billion cigarettes a year and represents about a dozen cigarette brands, including Leader, Rex, George Karelias and Sons, Karelia and American Legend itself.

Now American Legend cigarettes are available in two strength versions - these are strong American Legend Red and light American Legend Light White, which are favorite UK cigs.

And now let us actually discuss these cigarettes. We have American Legend Red UK cigs at our disposal.

A pack is a regular cardboard box with right angles. The variety’s design is bright, catchy and this is a bright red background, contrasting white letters of the brand name and the emblem of the brand in golden paint with a dark blue outline.

It is a pack of twenty cigarettes of king size format with the usual acetate filter. The design of cigarettes is inconspicuous - a “cork” filter and a barely typed brand name, moreover, is not neat at different levels.

The pack of cigarettes is quite light, slightly contrasted. It consists mainly of yellow and light yellow fractions. The cut includes tapes of different widths and lengths, different sizes of flakes, vein sections.

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