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L&M Cigarettes - a part of everyday

L&M cigarettes are characterized by a very old history, almost more than a century. They have a peculiar, pleasant taste made from American tobacco blend. L&M brand is listed in the top of the most popular cigarettes brand worldwide in the local and international tobacco markets. Their delicate design appeals to you and makes you have a desire to smoke this brand as soon as possible.

Unique taste and their interesting appearance helped L&M cigarettes brand become a part of everyday in more than 60 countries of the world. The brand is very demanded in Latin America, Far East and south Asia and northern and central Europe.

L&M Cigarettes provide highest quality with best filter.

When these branded cigarettes appeared, L&M cigarettes were sold in form of chewing tobacco in 1876. "Liggett and Meyers" Tobacco Company was the first company to introduce this brand. The name of the cigarettes brand derived from the name of its first producer. As for now, L&M cigarettes brand is manufactured in Europe and USA and owned by Philip Morris International.

Philip Morris Tobacco Company is one of the leading cigarettes producers in the world and it is also the parent of Virginia cigarettes, Parliament cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes. L&M cigarettes names have undergone some changes and today L&M Lights is called L&M Blue Label. Our store offers more types of L&M cigarettes: L&M Red Label, L&M Silver Label, L&M Blue Label, L&M Mixx Slims, L&M GRI-83 and L&M Vibe Slims.

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