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Everyone knows about menthol cigarettes, you can love them or hate them, but to deny the fact that menthol cigarettes are one of the lead cigarettes in the global tobacco market, nobody will deny.

Why many smokers switch from regular cigarettes to menthol? First - the taste, menthol cigarettes mutes the unpleasant taste of tobacco and tar. Secondly, they soften the nicotine throat hit, making smoke inhalation more enjoyable, deeper and minimizes throat discomfort, freezing it. Third, menthol cigarettes are often chosen by women.

Menthol cigarettes for the first time appeared in 1924, invented by the Spud Brand, but appeared on the market after 1927. Since that time, they began their victorious march, rising higher and higher in the rankings of the most favorite cigarettes among smokers.

Today, there a lot cigarette manufacturers produce menthol cigarette brands, on our site you can find the most popular ones such as Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol, ESSE Super Slims Menthol, Kool Menthol, More Menthol, Newport Menthol, Salem Original Menthol and Salem Green (Lights) Menthol. They differ in nicotine strength, tar, length and strength of menthol taste.

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