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Esse Cigarettes provide lower amounts of nicotine

Although ESSE cigarettes were released in the European cigarette market only a few years ago, they have been occupying a strong leadership position in South Korea, their home-country. ESSE brand is a premium product of KT&G Tobacco Company, a leading Korean cigarette maker, known by its investigations to reduce the amount of chemical substances in tobacco smoke with the help of innovating new technologies of tobacco cultivation and processing.

The premium quality of ESSE cigarettes is achieved by high quality of tobacco carefully grown and blended with special agents of natural origin for a more evident and clear taste and fine flavor.

ESSE cigarettes are sold in the Super Slim cigarette category, one of the unique aspects of international cigarette industry. All varieties of ESSE brand are 100mm in length and 5mm in width, being delicate and luxurious tobacco products. Additionally, these cigarettes provide lower amounts of nicotine and tar due to modern filter systems. The latter features are basic for women-smokers who switch to a combination of refined and fancy cigarettes and low-tar smoke.

Despite the fact that ESSE cigarettes brand is found in a limited number of places in the United States, you have a choice to try them as they are offered at a reasonable price in our cigarette store. There is offered a wide range of ESSE cigarettes, from fresh ESSE Super Slims to feather-light ESSE Super Slims Field, and from cool ESSE Super Slims Menthol to refined ESSE Super Slims Special Gold

If you are searching for an incredible tobacco product to give you great sensations, ESSE brand is certainly for you.

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