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Camel Cigarettes

Camel is one of the oldest existing brands of cigarettes in the international tobacco industry, released by RJ Reynolds Tobacco in 1913, from the best sorts of Turkish and Virginia tobacco. Camel was one of the first pre-packaged cigarettes, and was meant to become a market success right after its very appearance.

The Turkish tobacco that is used in the process of Camel cigarettes creation has a much more special and saturated aroma when burned as compared to other cigarettes. It is characterized by a darker, browner smell of the smoke.

At the present moment, Camel is manufactured and sold all over the world by JT International, however the tobacco blend of Camel cigarettes did not go any modifications since its very introduction to the market almost 100 years ago.

One of the key aspects of Camel cigarettes success is a balance of a supreme quality tobacco and the product's accessible price, which provoke Camel's recognition as one of the 10 best-selling cigarette brands.

Additionally, balanced nicotine content and a smooth taste turn Camel cigarettes into a trend that will never disappear.

Camel is one of the top five global cigarette brands, sold in over 90 countries worldwide. Camel is just a true a Pleasure to Burn, Pleasure to smoke, Pleasure to have!

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