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Amphora - high-quality tobacco

Amphora pipe tobacco has over 200 years of history. In the 90s of the last century, it was almost the best that could be obtained. For many tubular artists, the red pack of Amphora Full Aroma was a cherished dream. But the time passed, new tobaccos appeared in the market, and Amphora disappeared at the beginning of the 2000s. It was practically not available for the whole 15 years, and those rare samples that came across did not please. But tobacco settled on the shelves again, and the quality has improved so much that you can talk about Amphora as a good thing.

Amphora is more than just good pipe tobacco; it is a masterpiece in history. One has only to open the pack and breathe in a rich, multifaceted aroma, as you are immediately enveloped in a whole palette of its subtle, sophisticated overflows and shades. You will definitely appreciate the strong and rich taste of Amphora tobaccos and get a real, incomparable pleasure. Discover the perfection of the moment with Amphora Tobaccos!

What is Amphora tobacco good for? One may say that specialists at Mac Baren have revived this tobacco. With great care they approached the choice of raw tobacco and created updated blends. They are in different proportions contain Virginia, Burley, Oriental, Kentucky of different processing, which form the taste of tobacco and reveal new shades.

A small amount of natural aromatic additives, which is very characteristic of Danish aromatics - soft and delicate, is another feature that is now inherent in Amphora. Here are the four most popular updated blends: Full Aroma, Mellow Blend, Original Blend and Rich Aroma. All of them vary in strength, richness, aroma, complexity of taste. They are united by one thing - high-quality raw materials and a competent approach to composing a bouquet.

Now Amphora is a high-quality, interesting and very inexpensive tobacco. We hope that the new brand owners will adhere to the chosen direction and the name of Amphora will shine, as in the old days.

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