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Backwoods - a mild and sweet taste

Backwoods cigars began to appear since 1970 in the market and over the next 10 years managed to win the hearts of most Americans. Backwoods cigars are smoking sticks that include a single sheet of tobacco on the outside and chopped tobacco on the inside. Backwoods cigars contain more nicotine. But in appearance, they are more reminiscent of ordinary cigarettes with a filter and packaged in hard packs.

They differ not only in their original appearance, but also in excellent quality. They include 100% Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, which is aged for a year and a one-piece cover sheet. Cigars of this category have various aromatic additives that distinguish each brand and give it its own uniqueness, but at the same time they all have a mild and sweet taste. And to preserve it, each Backwoods cigars are packaged in a cellophane wrapper that protects them from drying out. Backwoods are equally popular among both men and women, and they all appreciate this brand for unusual, bold and at the same time gentle taste. Cigars leave an excellent long aftertaste and smoke for up to half an hour.

Backwoods do not contain additives that support cigarette smoldering and therefore can be flavored. Both females and males give preference to this type of tobacco products; it all depends on the added flavors and the strength of the backwoods cigarillos.

You can buy Backwoods cigars, but you should be vigilant so as not to run into fakes, the price is much lower than the average market prices, they can lead to suspicion, since goods of this high-class category cannot be cheap. Here on our store you can not only buy Backwoods cigars at an affordable price, but also get competent advice on the product. Such a purchase can become economical if you take advantage of the store’s promotions, and our consultants and the manager will help you decide on the taste, in addition, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the reviews of other customers.

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