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Clan - an excellent choice

Clan is a pipe tobacco and one of the world famous brands of flavored tobaccos, it is a mixture consisting primarily of two varieties of sweet Virginia obtained through various drying technologies, to which are added Black Cavendish, Latakia, aromatic Burley and some other basic tobacco varieties. Clan pipe tobacco has a taste and aroma reminiscent of chocolate, caramel, hot cocoa and spices.

Clan pipe tobacco of medium strength, sweetish, with a strong, rich aroma will appeal to connoisseurs of exquisite chocolate and coffee gamut. In addition, lovers of the original flavor combinations will appreciate the mixture that has a taste of aged whiskey.

Clan pipe tobacco is an original blend of the best varieties, providing a unique taste and rich aroma. The highlight of Clan is the taste and aroma of classic Scotch whiskey, which is the ideal companion for a smoked pipe.

If you are a fan of this brand or just like to experiment, you can always buy tobacco for Clan pipe on our store.

Fans of soft, natural flavored tobaccos should try Clan Highland Gold. The blend contains tobacco leaves of more than 14 different varieties: the best Virginia combined with aged Burley, Dark Cavendish and selected fire-dried tobaccos. The aroma is natural, slightly sweet and spicy. In the aftertaste, there are distinctly felt notes of single malt Scotch whiskey.

Fans of flavored varieties should buy Clan Aromatic tobacco. The smell and taste of whiskey are more pronounced and distinct in this pipe tobacco. The combination of good alcohol and the natural aroma of natural tobacco leaves create a unique bouquet that you want to enjoy again and again.

Quality Clan pipe tobacco can be bought cheaply. Clan is an excellent choice for those who want to appreciate the taste of the best plantation varieties, but are not ready to overpay for a well-known brand.

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