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Drum gained fame and popularity

Do you like good and quality rolling tobacco?

Do you prefer to smoke cigarettes and use cigarette liners?

Or didn’t you like domestic “cigarettes” with “logs” in “tobacco”? Or you like rolling your own cigarettes?

Then you are exactly where you need to be!

Drum rolling tobacco is the world's most famous brand of cigarette tobacco for cigarettes with more than half a century of history. Initially, tobacco was distributed thanks to Duva Egberts, who presented it in Holland on September 5, 1952. The brand was later bought by Sara Lee Corporation, and subsequently sold to the British, at Imperial Tobacco, by whom it is produced to this day.

Due to its softness and rich aroma, Drum rolling tobacco is very popular in many countries of the world, especially in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and Australia. The taste contains a small bitterness. Many smokers consider it "tobacco for every day."

Drum rolling tobacco is the second largest self-roll tobacco brand in the world. The best quality tobacco blends for DRUM are made in Jaure, the Netherlands.

With special care and passion, the craftsmen produce a unique mix of Virginia and brown Kentucky tobacco leaves to create a true DRUM Original flavor. This is what makes DRUM tobacco truly original.

The Dutch tobacco brand Drum has over fifty-year history, gained fame and popularity around the world. Cigarette tobacco of this brand confidently holds the top three in terms of sales, among brands whose history lasts more than fifty years. Drum cigarette tobacco is considered one of the most popular in the world in its category. Drum products use several types of tobaccos, from dark brown to golden yellow.

You can buy Drum Rolling Tobacco without leaving your home in our online store. A wide range of flavors will help you choose a product for the mood for any day: optimistic, or daring! This light tobacco fits perfectly into the mix composition, so you can create your own unique mood of the day yourself! Drum rolling Tobacco is easy to use and hard to spoil! It is pleasant to work with the product: it is not oversaturated and does not stick to your hands.

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