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Gauloises Cigarettes - certain refined and elegant notes

The Gauloises tobacco is a combined blend of Syrian and Turkish tobacco sorts, which grant the taste of Gauloises certain refined and elegant notes. During the period of wars the smoking of Gauloises in France was regarded as the very manifestation of patriotism and will to protect the beloved mother-land. The status of the branded cigarettes was incredibly high. Gauloises was promoted by such famous persons as Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Serge Gainsbourg, etc.

What makes classic things be always classic and changeless? It is that, which never disappears, which is always a treasure for younger generation, something that one wants to hold in his hands and enjoy endlessly. Classic is a traditional and velvety taste of a balanced fragrance and exclusive style, which is timeless, old and contemporary at the same time.

They are natural organic cigarettes, the manufacturers of which exclude any chemical substances during the processing of tobacco or introduction of any infusions, preservatives and flavoring agents.

The commonly known American formula comprises tobacco leaves of several sorts of tobacco, which are thoroughly prepared and put into a cigarette in the form of a "sack", which is penetrated with air pores. Due to the 100% originality of the tobacco and its high level of "porosity", the Classic's fragrance and taste can be compared only with the clear sensations that one get when he smokes authentic pipe tobacco.

Take the best of natural and delicate taste of Gauloises! Smoking is timeless - remember that!

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