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Glamour Cigarettes - an essential accessory of modern women in every day routine

Glamour brand was launched in 2005 by Japan Tobacco International, one of the leading cigarettes makers globally. Since its very appearance, this incredible brand has been reaching its peak of popularity so rapidly that it had no difficulty to become one of the exclusive brands for numerous customers.

The main mystery of success of Glamour cigarettes is their trendy and refined design, fresh taste and flavor.

Glamour brand was the first cigarettes brand in Europe to be smoked in Super Slim cigarettes category. Glamour cigarettes provide 100-mm of smoking satisfaction and high quality in each and every cigarette.

In addition to slim shape, Glamour cigarettes offer a special smoking process, which is a distinguishing feature of all products produced by Japan Tobacco. The company uses peculiar sorts of tobacco, finely milled and roasted to develop magnificent flavor and quality in every puff.

These slim and elegant cigarettes have everything to be an essential accessory of modern women in every day routine. Glamour brand's share show an astonishing growth, turning into one of the top-rated brands across Europe in only 5 years since its introduction, confirming that the brand is not only worth experimenting and finally switching to, but worth becoming the favorite one.

The brand is produced in two pack varieties, a classic one, and a slim one, looking identical like a lipstick tube, invented especially for modern and flexible women, focusing on their individuality and femininity. The new packs, used in Glamour Menthol and Glamour Pinks are attractive from the point of view of functionality as they find their place in any women's bag of any size.

It was not a doubt that the elegant women-smokers appreciated the inimitable taste, superior quality and catchy packs of Glamour cigarettes. That is exactly the reason why we bring them to you at discount prices.

You can order Glamour cigarettes and get the freshest cigarettes ever directly at your door.

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