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Henri Wintermans

Henri Wintermans - the superior taste and distinctive aroma

The skill of experienced blender specialists guarantees the superior taste and distinctive aroma of cigarillos from Henri Wintermans little cigars, which are also called as Henri Wintermans little Cigars. The ability to create the desired “bouquet” from all the various aromas and tastes is the real criterion for evaluating the skill of tobacco experts. These cigars undergo a unique double-ripening process. First, the best varieties of tobacco are harvested, they are allowed to mature for at least two years. Then the best quality leaves are selected for the manufacture of a mixture of tobaccos. After that, the cigars themselves go through the second ripening process in cedar rooms specially designed for this purpose. This unique process provides that soft, full of aroma character that distinguishes cool smoking.

The history of this brand begins in 1934. The small factory created by the Winterman brothers eventually grew into a huge concern. Today, the brand has distribution networks in many countries of the world. Due to the highest quality, variety of flavors and reasonable prices, machine-rolled cigars and cigarillos of this brand are very popular among lovers of elite types of smoking.

Wintermans tobacco raw materials grow on wide plantations in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Colombia, Cuba, the Philippines, and Ecuador. H.Wintermans cigarillos use dual aging tobacco technology. It consists in the fact that tobacco leaves are selected for drying and fermentation for two years, and then the finished cigarillos are additionally dried on cedar shelves. Thus, the products are strong, but have a mild taste.

Tobacco from Indonesia is used in all three Henri Wintermans cigarillos and gives them a distinctive aroma and appearance. Cuban tobaccos give the filler a richer and more spicy aroma, enhancing the pleasure of Henri Wintermans little Cigars. The tobacco from the Dominican Republic, due to its softness, is an ideal ingredient for filler. Specific dark brown Brazilian tobacco gives the cigar a distinctive character and rich aroma.

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