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King Edward

King Edward as a memory about the great man

King Edward Cigars are the variety was named after an outstanding figure in England, a reformer and a person with his own worldview, King Edward VII. He ascended the throne in 1901, after the reign of Queen Victoria, who banned tobacco smoking. In addition to many peacekeeping and loyal reforms, King Edward allowed the British to smoke cigars again. The American tobacco factory "Swisher International" is a representative of the King Edward brand, a popular machine cigar and cigarillos of the highest quality. This product is very popular among buyers in the USA and many European countries.

King Edward Cigars are made by machine and begin with high quality tobacco chips, both ends remain trimmed. Cigarillos do not require special storage conditions. Unlike hand cigars, in machine cigars you can combine tobacco of a completely different type, grown in different localities and climates, thereby creating very interesting and rich aromatic compositions. Some brands of cigarillos contain a homogenized tobacco leaf, and some are flavored and have a chocolate, vanilla and cherry flavor. They are slightly thinner than cigars, and on average their diameter reaches one centimeter, and their weight is not more than three grams. They are easy and pleasant to smoke, they give a very gentle, but at the same time rich taste. This is a great choice for a great time in close circle with close friends. The tobacco products presented in this section of our online store will be a great gift for your beloved man. Give yourself and your loved ones unforgettable moments of relaxation.

The filling for these cigars is finely chopped tobacco of different varieties grown in completely different climatic zones, which creates an unusual and rich aromatic composition.

Large-format cigar, which is nice to smoke, slowly, after lunch or dinner. Natural, medium strength taste with a light coffee and nutty aroma range.

King Edward cigars are very easy to order on our website at the most optimal and favorable conditions for you. All products presented with us have passed certification and have all the necessary hygienic requirements of the international standard. If necessary, our polite consultants will always help you make the right choice, who will also take care of the timely delivery of your order.

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