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Lifa cigarettes - a pronounced sweet taste and variety of aromas

There are numerous undeniable reasons why individuals choose to smoke. The cigarettes brands are hugely vital for each smoker. Indeed, even the"non-brands" that are really cost- interrelated are of incredible significance since they depend on the real brands as their essential source and furthermore describe the smoker to more prominent degree. The truth of the matter is that brands are one of the primary highlights of the character of the smoker and the powerful guide they get while smoking.

We would like to introduce you Lifa cigarettes, which are focused mainly on the female audience. Thanks to the popular Super Slims format, pronounced sweet taste and variety of aromas, these products are in high demand among girls. Brand tobacco products are light and smoked without any difficulty. Intensive refreshing smells are revealed during smoking. Therefore, Lifa cigarettes can be a real discovery for novice smokers.

Most smokers, who have already purchased Lifa cigarettes, declare decent quality product. The basis of tobacco products is raw materials - golden Virginia. The use of such leaves by the manufacturer makes it possible to achieve a pronounced sweetish taste, which is revealed during smoking. Aromatization of tobacco occurs through the use of a moderate amount of synthetic components. The cigarettes are equipped with high-quality acetate filters, the structure of which retains the maximum number of tar and other potentially hazardous substances that can harm the body.

The manufacturer supplies the market with the following types of cigarettes:

1. Lifa Original – the cigarettes differ in traditional natural taste. No flavors are used during the manufacture. The strength of the product is below average, which is typical for all products of the brand, regardless of the series.

2. Lifa Apple - while smoking there is a bright aroma of green apple. Cigarettes have a mild temper and a long, even burning one.

3. Lifa Strawberry - cigarettes with the sweetest character of the entire range of the brand. The smoking process reveals an extremely rich strawberry flavor.

4. Lifa Menthol - the most "fresh" taste of cigarettes from the manufacturer. There are dominated bright menthol intonations, which are complemented by a slight chill in the background.

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