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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Cigarettes - a globally demanded brand

Lucky Strike cigarettes were initially launched into the market in 1871 as a new tobacco combination of blend and afterwards R.A. Patterson introduced them as a cigarettes brand. In the beginning of 1905, this company was acquired by the ATC. Sometime later it was evident that Lucky Strike cigarettes appeared as the reply to Camel cigarettes produced R.J. Reynolds. R.J. Reynolds is also known for producing Winston brand in the tobacco markets.

Today Lucky Strike cigarettes or so called Luckies are sold as British American Tobacco brand.

Luckies or cheap Lucky Strike cigarette brand were the top promoted cigarettes in USA during the late 1930's. Beginning with 1920's till 1950's Lucky Strikes tobacco product was called one of the the most purchased cigarette brand. At that time there was also another strong brand Camel cigarettes. Nevertheless, later the co-existence did not prevent them being distributed into all the corners of the world.

One of the most excellent product range introduced by this irreplaceable discount tobacco product Lucky Strike represents the very core of Lucky Strike Silver cigarettes. In 2007, a new packaging design of Lucky Strikes was released, with a two-way opening which split seven cigarettes from the rest. In the same year, the company collaborated with the world's smallest man, He Pingping, in their ad campaigns. In 2009, Lucky Strike Silver (the brand marketed as lighter version) changed their UK packs from the typical red design to blue, albeit with a red teaser outer covering the packet.

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