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Pall Mall

Pall Mall - not just the simple variations of the same product

There are known four varieties of Pall Mall Cigarettes sold to a greater audience globally. Each variety relates to a particular type of smoker and is promoted as such. Here get to know the list of them, from the strongest to the lightest variety:

  • 1.Pall Mall Filters - It is, perhaps, the most popular variety of all other ones. Filters are fine for any smoker who needs an intensive taste and an invigorating aroma.
  • 2.Pall Mall Lights - This variety is female oriented, because it comprises both a saturated aroma and a gentle taste.
  • 3.Pall Mall Ultra Lights - Especially elaborated for those interested in a very light type of cigarette but the one that still has the taste of the Filters variety.
  • 4.Pall Mall Menthol - Suitable for women; this type of Pall Mall is one of the most demanded menthol cigarettes in the world.

Apart from these basic types, there are launched special editions of Pall Mall. Some of them are sold locally, whereas others are produced for smokers with very individual tastes. Here see the most important Pall Mall secondary varieties:

  • Rothman's Pall Mall Export - They are produced by Rothmans and are considered a high-end brand. They're commonly more expensive than ordinary filters.
  • Pall Mall Ultra Lights Box 100's - A variety focused on women' priorities. The taste is similar to that of Pall Mall Ultra Lights, but the style of the box is quite unique.
  • Pall Mall Silver Famous Superslims - An absolutely special one for those who enjoy the very process of smoking more than they enjoy the smoke.
  • Pall Mall Nanokings Silver - A blend combined with elegant design and medium tar content.
    • These varieties of Pall Mall are not just the simple variations of the same product. On the contrary, there are major differences from one variety to another, especially evident in the way smokers comprehend and react when they experiment with a new variety. Thus, the best way to describe the entire collection is possible through a proverb: unity in diversity. Love what you try!

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