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R1 cigarettes - an expert in the field of light cigarettes

We smoke. But there comes a time when we want to smoke something new and something light. Even heavy smokers, real gurus of smoking, want to feel like newcomers and smoke light cigarettes, as if there have never been other brands that have already been tasted.

As practice shows, R1 is still bought more by women. Probably, it's also because it's mostly slim cigarettes. Men often prefer products of standard size.

Although that is only a public prejudice that was formed over the years. But each person must decide for himself what is more concerned about him: his own pleasure or the opinions of outsiders.

R1 cigarettes are produced by the British company Imperial Tobacco Group, which ranks 4th among the world's largest producers of tobacco products.

Following the results of 2005, the R1 brand was the winner of the nomination "The best creative work in cigarette advertising". The company Imperial Tobacco Group added a series of R1 flavored version of "R1 vanity aroma", which has a rich taste and smell of caramel and vanilla.

R1 cigarettes are super-slim cigarettes, which have always been considered as "ladies" because of their tobacco ease.

R1 is an international brand that is positioned in the premium price segment and is an expert in the field of light cigarettes. R1 offers a balance of lightness and rich taste to its consumers.

A wide range allows consumers to choose from versions with different tar and nicotine content, as well as different formats and tastes. R1 cigarettes are designed for modern metropolitan residents who follow the latest fashion trends in all spheres of life. Ingredients: resin - 1 mg, nicotine - 0.1 mg.

The unusually light taste of R1 cigarettes takes you into the world of dreams and fantasies. They harmoniously complement the image and emphasize the elegance. That's why the brand is popular by European smokers.

And it happens regardless of status and financial situation, because R1 cigarettes are able to please every fan of good tobacco, they are able to show that smoking can be new unusual and very exciting. Then such smoking can not be compared to anything, it is unique and very beautiful!

Who can argue with this?! None! Yes, and there is no need! Just enjoy smoking day by day! Always!

The brand of cigarettes R1 is rightfully considered a product of innovative technologies.

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