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Sobranie- concentrated specifically on ladies attention

Sobranie cigarettes brand is one of the oldest tobacco brands that ever existed in the world. Sobranie of London was founded in 1879, when cigarettes had just become a new trend in Europe. The original cigarettes were handmade following the Russian tradition, and are still produced at Old Bond Street in London. Sobranie was the official supplier of royal courts of Great Britain, Spain, Romania, and Greece. However, Sobranie are produced by the Gallaher Group not only in one concrete place, but in various places in Europe.

Supreme varieties consist of the evening-out styles Sobranie Cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian, which are produced in Ukraine. Sobranie produces several styles concentrated specifically on ladies attention, some are slimmer than traditional cigarettes and others vividly colored. Cocktails are five separate bright pastel shades with a gold foil filter, and are the same ring gauge as ordinary cigarettes, unlike Nat Sherman's Fantasias, which are slimmer and create the masterpiece with deeper, primary colors.

Thus, we can confirm that this brand is classified to be a fashion brand in evening-out styles, which are sold mainly for women. There is one simple concept that proves that women see the use of these smokes as a way to increase their sexual appeal and independency. However, they remain quite popular among men as cigarettes use aesthetics of romanticism with modern wind of life. Ladies admire this trademark primarily because they believe it can increase their proper pride, making them more desirable for the men they desire to attract.

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