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Van Nelle

Van Nelle rolling tobacco originated from Seville

The history of self-roll is rooted in Spain of the 17th century, more precisely, in the city of Seville. At that time it was a significant port city, from where, in fact, tobacco began its triumphal march through the Old World in general. The urban poor adapted to twist so-called “papiletti” from tobacco waste and scraps of paper. Much later, during the Crimean War (1854–1856), soldiers of the opposing armies participating in hostilities took over the forced habit of “quick smoking” from each other.

Van Nelle rolling tobacco is the original pure tobacco. This is one of the best tobaccos in the opinion of many tobacco lovers, and even heavy smokers.

Trading company Van Nelle Tobacco Company dates back to 1860. From the earliest years of its existence, the brand has successfully sold pipe and self-rolled tobacco. To date, the Van Nelle brand continues to be a success. The tastes of this brand are diverse.

Van Nelle rolling tobacco is one of the most exquisite cigarette-rolled tobaccos made in Nideranda. Tobacco VAN NELLE zware shag belongs to strong tobacco, one of the best in its price category. Depending on the country of the manufacturer, spellings such as VAN NELLE zwaar are found. The cutting of the leaves is thin, and the composition of the mixture is very similar in appearance to Brandaris. VAN NELLE is great at smoking cigarettes as well as cigarette liners. The self-rolled version of thin paper will reveal the taste of this excellent tobacco in full and you will undoubtedly have it in good standing in the collection.

It is a solid strong male version of high-quality thin tobacco cutting, but it smokes easily, the smoke is thick and fragrant.

The taste is dominated by the tones of natural tobacco, sweet and sour notes, woody and herbal shades are felt.

We hope that with the help of our store you can enjoy the aromatic and multifaceted smoke of good tobacco - in a pleasant company or alone.

What is needed for smoking cigars?

Of course, a special mood and a worthy accompaniment - aged alcohol, or good coffee, unhurried conversation, or, well, a pleasant pastime in solitude.

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