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Box TypeHeets Box
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HEETS Green Zing are considered to represent some Asian vibes and for most of the smokers the description may suggest some green tea flavor. Also the green pack top hints that it might be the case. However, the description by Philip Morris states that it is a refreshing taste of menthol with light citrus notes. Per the feedback of those who tried it, these IQOS sticks are considered to be a bit smoother than Turquoise label. The citrus notes are extra thin, almost intangible.

Considering that fresh and menthol tastes are extremely popular among current and potential consumers (both smokers of cigarettes, and lovers of hookahs and vapes), this HEETS flavor was an obvious decision made by the manufacturer. This HEETS Green Zing offer has a great success on the market.

HEETS Green Zing label has a great refreshing taste. You can feel the citrus notes with an pleasant edition of immediately sweet beginning and aftertaste with a slight sourness. Imagine a mixture of herbs and lime. In general, a very nice summer choice for those who do not prefer very strong menthol taste. Just keep in mind the citrus, if you are not a fan, maybe you could choose Turquoise Label instead.

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